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6666 Clough Pike

Cincinnati, OH 45244

Experienced, Certified Animal loving Pet Trainer

Allison Camp, is owner of Pups Unleashed and is passionate about dog training and education. A graduate of Animal Behavior College and Canine Good Citizen and Star Puppy Evaluator, her focus is helping dog owners understand their dog’s physical and  emotional needs; while teaching basic obedience.

Using Force-Free Techniques,  she believes in Positive Reinforcement and Behavioral Adjustment Training. What Does this mean?
Allison Uses Positive Reinforcement Techniques (rewards) such as: praise, treats, and toys for correcting behaviors and replacing bad behaviors with good ones.

A Lifelong dog owner, groomer, dog nanny, and trainer, Allison is continually learning new techniques to better train dogs, and hope you choose her for your canine’s needs.

No Electric Correction Devices

No Choke Chains

No Pinch Collars

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