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6666 Clough Pike

Cincinnati, OH 45244

Pups Unleashed DogTraining

Your pet,
our priority

Experienced, Certified Animal loving Pet Trainer

Owner and Trainer Allison Camp
Located in Cincinnati, Ohio serving the Tristate Area

My Passion in life is to educate and empower dog owners using Force-Free Dog Training Techniques. I teach you how to train your dog.

I teach Puppy, Young Adult, Advanced and Therapy Dog classes. As well as Private In-Home consultations. I also work with reactive dogs who need more specialized training. Does your dog have anxiety issues? Do they bark no stop? Help your dog live their best life by learning commands and manners. 

A lifelong dog lover and owner with 7 years of dog training experience, 15 years of dog grooming, 9 years of Dog Nanny experience, and graduate of Animal Behavior College for Canine Obedience, and Licensed a Parent Family Paw Educator. Come join in the fun. Classes run all year long jump in any time. Classes are currently at the Anderson Pet Center 6666 Clough Pike, Cincinnati Ohio 45244  

Group Classes

All classes are held at the Anderson Family Pet Center

located at: 6666 Clough Pike, Cincinnati, OH 45244.

Puppy Classes

For Dog’s 12 weeks to 6 months’ old. This class is a very basic class to introduce you to Obedience Training and discuss things you will need to know while raising a young puppy. We will discuss Crate Training, Potty Training, Health Care, and Proper Socialization skills, 
We will learn Name Recognition, Watch Me, Sit, Down and more. This class is 6 weeks long and cost $160

Young Adult / Adult Class

For Dog’s 6 month’s and older. This class covers all Obedience Training. Learn into to the Clicker, Watch Me, Sit, Down, Come, Off, Leave it, Drop it, and more. Discuss proper socialization skills, nutrition, health care, and behavioral problems. Work towards earning your Canine Good Citizenship. Cost $240


This class is for dog’s who have had Basic Obedience and want to learn distance, duration, and distraction. Wean off treats and master obedience in all surroundings. This class in 4 weeks long and cost $150

Therapy Dog Certifications

Get your Therapy Dog Certification. Visit Nursing Homes, Schools, Libraries, Hospitals, and other community outreaches. Contact us for more information.

Private In Home Training

Private Consultations

Having an unruly dog? Problems at home? Does your dog have Separation Anxiety or jump on guests. Chewing or digging a problem. Can’t get your dog potty trained. Call for a In Home Consultation. $120.00 per session or Buy 5 get one free or Buy 7 get three free.

Immersive In-home Day Training

Exclusive training held in the convenience of your own home. Busy dog owner? Complicated schedules ? Do you have a problem dog who needs some manners, leash skills or is reactive or has aggressive behaviours? New Puppies or recent rescue?  Receive immersive training  and coaching with three weekly customized training sessions, Monday- Wednesday  and one follow up coaching session. This day training can be done while you are home or is available while you are at work.Three week and six week packages available.

3 weeks $1500
6 weeks $2800

Our Mission & Vision!

With genuine kindness and science training techniques, I empower families, and bring serenity to the home.

No Pinch Collars

No Choke Chains

No Electric Correction Devices

Allison Uses Positive Reinforcement Techniques (rewards) such as: praise, treats, and toys for correcting behaviors and replacing bad behaviors with good ones.

A Lifelong dog owner, groomer, dog nanny, and trainer, Allison is continually learning new techniques to better train dogs, and hope you choose her for your canine’s needs.


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